Fuel Line  1/4"OD 1/8" ID  Gas Compatible


Du-Bro 807 E/Z Fill Set


Fuel Pump Only

If you want to do all this yourself-have a ball.

Operates on 4.8-6VDC.  We have asked and manufacturer says you cannot run on LiFe or 2S Lipo. 

All US orders only $4 flat rate shipping.

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Yellow cap is coarse thread and typically fits Blitz, Midwest and Scepter.


Accessory Combos

  • Gas/Glow Compatible
  • Fwd/Off/Rev switch
  • Additional LED Indicated Power switch
  • Std JR/Futaba charge jack
  • 4.8V-2300mAh NiMH battery
  • Approx 1L/min fill rate
  • Test run (in 2 cycle gas)


Solid Gas Caps...Drill a 1/2" hole for the DuBro and put these on an existing gas can.  Let us know and we will drill the 1/2" hole for you.

Combo Kit includes:

  • Du-Bro 807
  • 5' fuel line
  • Solid Gas Cap

P4 Fuel Pump


$4 each

Grey cap fits older Wedco and later model Briggs and Stratton cans.


Other Stuff You May Need:

Black cap is fine thread and typically fits older Briggs and Stratton, Rubbermaid, Essence, and Gott cans.

Meant to be used with what you already have instead of making you buy stuff. Uses the standard wall wart charger you have had since way back when or anything to charge a standard 4.8V NiMH Rx pack. We are not in the business of selling gas cans-you're already using one or can get something a lot cheaper than we can sell and ship to you (we are offering conversion kits at a very fair price).

We are not making any big claims how this is cutting edge technology-quite the opposite. We have just put together, at a fair price, tried and true items. For example-the battery: Its a standard receiver pack that (guess what) is going to wear out in 4-5 years. Replace it with a standard receiver pack. We will probably be offering them, but you can get them anywhere. Simple. Logical.

Fuel Pump Only


Finally an electric fuel system that focuses on what we really need-a good pump at a reasonable price. Purple Plug Puller introduces the P4 (as in Purple Plug Puller Pump). After spending $20 for a 12 pack of beer (we support our micro brews), we came up with that.