2.5mm Ball Link (12 pcs)      $7.00

Pushrod, 2.5mm x 60mm (4 pcs)      $6.00

Pull-Pull Inserts

All US orders $4 flat rate shipping.

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Pushrod, 2.5mm x 110mm (4 pcs)      $11.00

3.0mm Ball Link (12 pcs)       $10.00

Push Rods

Ball links come in packs of 12 and include screw and nylock nut.

Pushrod, 3.0mm x 42mm (4 pcs)      $6.00

Pushrods are stainless steel and have a hex portion in the middle and RH/LH threads on the ends.

Come in packs of 4.

Ball Links

Pushrod, 3.0mm x 61mm (4 pcs)      $7.00

Push-Pull Insert, 2.5mm (4 pcs)        $2.00

Push-Pull Insert, 3mm (4 pcs)           $2.00

Ball Links & SS Pushrods

2.0mm Ball Link (12 pcs)      $6.00

Pushrod, 3.0mm x 125mm (4 pcs)       $13.00