CM6 Upgrade includes above and also includes the M14 Spark Plug Wrench.     $11.50

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CH Ignitions-

Hex Drive Upgrade includes insert, 3/8" socket adapter and 263 Loc-Tite.      $7.50

CM6 Upgrade includes above along with a 14mm Spark plug wrench.      $25.00


We are always thinking of new things for the Purple Plug Puller and we came up with a winner.  We realized the M12 thread wasn't doing much so we are putting it to good use.  We are offering a "puck" that will thread into the M12 and has a 1/4" hex broached into it so now you can put your 1/4" hex drive power bits to use in it.  We are including in the kit a 1/4" hex to 3/8" socket adapter and the CM6 kit includes a 14mm spark plug socket.  If you order the upgrade kit, it comes with the 263 permanent  Loc-tite or you can order the total PPP package and we will Loc-tite it in for you.

NGK CM6 Plug   $6.00

Purple Plug Puller          $15.00  (plugs not included)

All US orders only $4 flat rate shipping!!

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PPP with Hex Drive Upgrade (already assembled) includes 3/8" socket driver.   $21.00

Upgrade Your Existing PPP

RCXcel Iridium CM6 Plug    $7.50

PPP & Plugs

RCXcel Iridium 1/4-32 Plug  $16

Spark Plugs

RCXcel  1/4-32 Plug  $11